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5 in 1 treatment technology

Level up your skincare routine

The mask offers 5 LED Light therapy colours to help you maximise your treatment time and address your skincare concerns.

Whether you want to give breakouts the boot, or kick start anti-ageing, the PHOTON LED Mask is the tool for the job.

the science


The light enters the skin and is turned into intracellular energy. This kickstarts a photochemical and enzymatic reaction that triggers glycogen and protein production. This promotes cell metabolism and collagen regeneration to provide benefits in anti-ageing, acne control and skin brightening.

led light power


LED Face Mask Light Therapy activates deep cells under the skin to improve the skin’s condition using specific wavelengths. This is a non-invasive, chemical-free, painless and safe method of skincare conditioning.

Red LED Light Therapy - Anti-Ageing

Promotes youthful, radiant skin by stimulating collagen and improving tissue oxygenation that deeply rejuvenates while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue LED Light Therapy - Targets Acne

Helps improve the appearance of existing blemishes while minimising future breakouts.

Yellow LED Light Therapy - Brightening

Helps improve the function of oxygen in skin cells, improves microcirculation, helps decompose and dilute pigment, promotes cell regeneration and thus smoother and brighter skin tone.

Purple LED Light Therapy - Anti-Ageing / Acne

This is a combination of red and blue light that works to help against free radicals, help reduce inflammation and help improve blood circulation as well as helping target acne and blemishes.

Near Infrared LED Light Therapy - Pore Refinement

Helps the skin increase collagen production to accelerate the skin metabolism while brightening the skin tone, reducing pore size and improving skin tone.

Can you use an LED Mask every day?

While it is safe to use an at-home LED Face mask every day, we recommend using it 3-5 times a week for great results. You shouldn’t use it in the same routine as any peeling products, so you can use your days off to utilise these formulas.

Consistency is key so getting into a routine with your face mask can be the best way to see results. We expect you to see benefits within 2 weeks.

Will LED Light Therapy help with acne?

Many cases of common acne are caused by a bacteria (Propionibacterium) that emits a photosensitizer - this makes it sensitive to blue light. Using blue light therapy on this acne can kill the bacteria deep within the pores to clear up blemishes. 

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