This summer, we’re starting our search for skincare fans who we can trust to test our products, old and new 🤫 

We’re looking for an enthusiastic team of people that would love to receive products for free each month - sounds great right?

Each month, we’ll send you 2 products - they may be products that are already in our range or they could be brand new & top secret!

With these products, we’d like you to create a video, take pics and write a review on our website, simple!

if you're chosen

what's in it for you?

If your application is successful, you will receive:

2 free products each month
A personal discount code for our website
Early access to new product launches
Exclusive gifts & treats throughout the year
You'll regularly appear on our social media, with tags back to your account (if that's what you want!)

Each month, you'll receive 2 BARBER PRO products. We'll ask for you to complete the 3 following actions:

1. Take some photos using the product
2. Create a video of you using the product
3. Write a review of the product on our website

it could be you!

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