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We’re thrilled to announce that our BARBER PRO Warming Eye Masks have won Best Eye Care in the Male Beauty Category at the 2022 Attracta Beauty Awards.

Having been part of our catalogue since February 2022, these masks have had great success, being immensely popular with our retailers and customers alike. We’re so pleased to see them get the recognition they deserve at this year's awards.

The Warming Eye Masks are a relaxing 20 minute treatment that soothes tired eyes and helps you to relax. The chamomile scented mask self heats to provide gentle warmth as you sit back from a moment of rest. These are great for a digital detox or as a travel essential to help you rest on the go!

Whether you’ve been staring at screens or tackling late nights, this 20 minute treatment will help to relieve stress and tension.  

The masks are easy to use - simply place them over your eye area and use the comfortable ear loops to secure into place. Enjoy 20 minutes of gentle heat as you sink into peaceful relaxation.

The reviews speak for themselves...

"I'm not the greatest fan of personal pampering ... As usually don't have the time however, I was bought a box of these warming eye masks to try as I've been struggling to get off to sleep lately. It was fantastic, really calming and relaxing I settled down on the sofa Sunday afternoon and must have been asleep within minutes, which is really unlike me!! I will definitely be leaving one beside the bed for the next time my mind won't switch off!" - Simon M, 24.02.22

"I think I have found my favourite eye mask, perfect after a hectic week , also really helped soothe my dry eyes which get every now and then, I will definitely be stocking up on these." - Jason D, 14.02.22

PROTip: Chill out while you warm up! Download a 20 relaxing meditation to listen to while you use it.

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