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Which Mask is For Me?

Which Mask is For Me?

Choosing the right skincare product can be a daunting task. With so many variations on the market it can be difficult to know which products to go for.

Keep reading this blog post for a summary breakdown of each of our masks, outlining when and how to use them.

If your skin is prone to shaving rash or irritation after shaving our POST SHAVE COOLING Mask is ideal for you. The mask itself is packed with collagen which helps to hydrate the face and calm the effects of shaving. The mask has an extension which continues onto the neck. This provides total coverage of the shave area ensuring all areas are treated.

Want to help banish acne and dirt build up? Our FOAMING CLEANSING Mask will allow you to achieve just that. The sheet mask goes onto the skin, and the activated ingredients react with the air which creates hundreds of bubbles on the mask. These bubbles also form under the mask which penetrate deep into the skin to clear and cleanse any impurities.

Want to hide the fact you only got a few hours sleep? No problem. Our Collagen infused UNDER EYE Masks are perfect for treating dark circles which appear under the eyes. The masks simply sit under the eyes for 20 minutes and the hydrogel formulation will help treat and calm tired, puffy eyes.

FACE PUTTY Peel-Off Mask
Looking for a deep cleanse or to reduce oily skin? Look no further than our FACE PUTTY Peel-Off Mask. The mask easily glides onto the face around the forehead and eyes, after 15-20 minutes the mask will set. Simply remove the mask by peeling in an upwards motion starting at the chin. The mask will loosen blackheads and remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

If your skin is feeling dry and dull, our GENTLEMEN’S SHEET Mask is just for you. The rejuvenating formula helps to hydrate skin and provide an instant boost to help you look on top form even if you may not be feeling 100%.

Which of our masks is your favourite? Let us know on social media @BARBERPROUK

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