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BARBER PRO 100% Biodegradable Sheet Mask Packaging

BARBER PRO 100% Biodegradable Sheet Mask Packaging

Introducing our 100% biodegradable sheet mask packaging.

Once opened, our new eco pouches begin to biodegrade immediately, taking just 1% of the time compared to traditional plastic. That’s 500 years down to 5 years with no trace of microplastics in the soil or sea!

This environmentally friendly biodegradable material can be disposed of in general waste, recycling bins and home composts - it will biodegrade in all environments.

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How do they work?

Our new sachets behave like a conventional plastic during their useful lifetime - don’t worry your sachet won’t start to biodegrade while your mask is still inside!

Once you’ve used your mask, the sachet is exposed to oxygen and so it will begin its breakdown process. It doesn’t need any specific conditions for this to happen so whether you pop it onto your compost heap or into your general waste bin, it will still biodegrade.

It breaks down until it is nothing more than carbon dioxide, water and organic matter - so it will no longer be a plastic. This means rather than accumulating and posing a threat to our planet as so many plastics currently do, our sachets will instead be recycled back into nature through the process of biodegradation where it will be absorbed by bacteria, fungi and other living organisms.

The sheet masks themselves are also biodegradable. Constructed using bamboo fibres, they are not only gentler on the skin, they will also biodegrade in 75 days. This means you can enjoy your pamper guilt free!

Ibs Ansari, Managing Director of BARBER PRO, explains why our new 100% Biodegradable Range is such a big move for our brand:

There's no denying everyone loves to use a sheet mask, whether it's part of your daily routine or a weekly treat. But sheet masks are one of the latest beauty products to be called out for their negative impact on the environment due to the single use plastic used in its packaging.

Sustainability and environmental issues have always been incredibly important to us here at BARBER PRO, and this is at the core of our product development - there is no planet B!

We're not afraid to say we've been part of the problem, but knew we wanted to do something about it. So we set ourselves the challenge to develop a fully biodegradable and compostable pouch.

Can I still just put it into my normal household bin?

Yes - or better yet, recycle it! This plastic sachet can be recycled in your household recycling bin, however if it is not recycled, rather than sitting on a landfill site for years, it will begin the process of biodegradation. We always encourage recycling where possible, but this new sachet means that if it doesn’t make it into the recycling bin, then at least we know that it won’t be leaving plastic waste behind.

Are your ingredients ethically sourced?

BEAUTYPRO formulas are derived from 100% ethically sourced ingredients. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from world heritage sites and eco-farms to bring the best quality and potency to our products.

Are all BEAUTYPRO masks now biodegradable?

No. Our full range is not yet biodegradable - while we aim to limit our impact on the planet, it has not been possible for us to transition our full range to biodegradable packaging in one go.

We will endeavour to continue making sustainable changes where possible when improving and expanding our range so this will be a continual process for our team. 

For now, our biodegradable facial sheet masks are: Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask, Hydrating Sheet Mask and Blemish Control Sheet Mask.

Look out for the 100% biodegradable icon on our product pages and labelling on our sachets to be sure that you are choosing the right option for you.

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